What sort of force is required to bring down the vile criminals of London’s greatest criminal masterminds? Quite simply the combination of a genius master consulting detective and veteran army doctor, known as Sherlock Holmes and myself, John H. Watson. Sherlock and I were sort of a unique partnership often resulting in confrontation, bickering and the occasional fight. However, this would result in the greatest detective work London had ever seen.

The Dynamic Duo


Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock was an unusual character; his methods were beyond what anyone had ever seen before. His interest in science, more so forensic science made him quite the intellectual. This combined with his excellence of observation resulted in a mastermind that was quite incredible. Holmes could analyse an entire room, including each person in it and tell you exactly what you had for dinner based on the grease stains on your clothes, fingers and your breath.

Skills and Traits

  • Philosophy
  • Astronomy
  • Littauer
  • Violinist
  • Boxer
  • Swordsman
  • Firearms Specialist
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • watson_image

    Dr John H. Watson

    Originally from Australia, I travelled to Britain in 1879 where I enrolled at the University of London, becoming a qualified Doctor of Medicine. Having spent some time in London, I then enrolled to the British Army as an Assistant Surgeon. It was then deployed to the Afghan War, injuring myself in the outskirts of Maiwand. Although I survived, the war had taken its toll with a jezail bullet shattering my shoulder bone and grazing the subclavian artery, requiring the aid of a cane to walk. I then returned to London in 1882, where I would meet the infamous Sherlock Holmes and well the rest is history.

    Skills and Traits

  • Doctor
  • Surgeon
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Fireamrs Specialist
  • Gentleman
  • “The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”— Sherlock Holmes

    Although London had one of the greatest consulting detectives in history, London at this time was riddled with crime. The industrial revolution was proving very difficult for many to survive. Many were homeless, drunk and desperate thus meaning the crime rate was extremely high. Although smaller crimes were left to that of Scotland Yard, more complicated criminals required the service of sherlock and myself.




    James Moriarty

    Ah Professor James Moriarty, the most cunning of criminals Sherlock and I had ever faced. Moriarty won a chair at a small university for his piece upon the Binomial Theorem however, this would be over casted by the criminal strain that ran through his blood. Word would spread of Moriarty’s criminal power forcing him to resign from his chair and move to London. Moriarty would then create one of the biggest chains of criminal activity that London had ever seen. Constantly battling one another in a game of mental chess, the final play would be made at Reichenbach Falls. Where Sherlock would sacrifice his queen to take down Moriarty throwing both into the deep, enduring falls, however only one body was found from the wreckage, that of Moriarty’s.

    Skills and Traits

  • Mathematics
  • Manipulation
  • Firearms Specialist
  • Hand to hand Combat
  • Master of Tactics
  • Criminal Mind
  • Genius-level Intelligence
  • Irene_adler_image

    Irene Addler

    Irene Adler, a confusing character that from the outside seemed flirtatious but was actually a criminal at work. Adler or should I say “The Woman” was very manipulative, devious and clever when it came to getting the information that she needed. It would seem that she would focus her attention to Sherlock, I do not know if it was emotional feeling or the fact that she was employed by Moriarty. However, their relationship proved rather confusing and complexed, as tension always lingered even when they were flirting, Adler would then contract a common yet deadly case of Tuberculous, killing her imminently. Holmes believed that Moriarty was to blame for Adler’s death and always carried her blood-stained handkerchief as a memento of the one that got away.

    Skills and Traits

  • Devious
  • Manipulation
  • Dominatrix
  • Flirtatious
  • Criminal Mind
  • Clever