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A new way of working, living and shopping in the heart of the city centre.

Tribeca Belfast Tribeca Belfast

The Problem

The renovation project led by Castlebrooke Investments aimed to breathe new life into the neglected areas of Belfast. Previous proposals had been declined for planning due to a lack of communication and cultural connection with residents and businesses. Tribeca Belfast wanted to showcase their new proposals for the city and improve their relationship with the people of Belfast.

High-Level Goals

To understand how success would be achieved, I needed to consider the desired outcomes and the restraints within.

  • With a current web presence already established, I needed to use the current design system in place to I needed to develop an clear, informative structe to communicate the new improved plans proposed.
  • Alongside the online content, there was also a public exhibition which locals could visit and ask questions directly to Tribeca Belfast. I needed this platform to reflect the information being showcased at this event as well as opening dates, times & location.
  • Feedback about the new proposals was essential for planning approval. I needed to develop an easy to access and complete system that would allow all types of users to have their say about the redevelopment plans.


To understand the lack of connection between Tribeca Belfast and their target audience, I looked into their current platform also analysing the previous feedback from Belfast’s planning office. It was clear that Tribeca’s focus was on promoting all that was new, but not the historic identity of the proposed area.

Residents were worried that the lack of emphasis on Belfast's heritage within the promotion of the plans would result in the city losing part of its identity, becoming another city that followed the trend of modern sky-scraper environments.

It became apparent that Tribeca Belfast’s vision was not truly reflected within any of their online material. I needed to establish an informative platform that showcased the proposed revival of the city whilst embracing Belfast’s cultural heritage, protection of small businesses and connecting with residents.

Tribeca Belfast - Belfast's History
Tribeca Belfast - Proposed Elevations of North Street. Tribeca Belfast - Proposed Elevations of North Street.

Tribeca Belfast, Proposed Elevations of North Street.


Having established the clear area of disconnection between Tribeca and the residents of Belfast, I started by digesting and grouping all elements of the proposed plans based on the areas within Belfast. This allowed me to see the plans for each area including what will be saved and what will be completed new.

Alongside this I also broke down the beneficial factors for local businesses and residents, this included profit margins, inner-city housing development, job creation and more.

Following the entire breakdown of Tribeca Belfast’s improved proposal, I then sketched a series of wireframes that were structured to display content in a clear, reflective format.

Tribeca Belfast - Card Sorting of Area Proposals

Card Sorting of Area Proposals.

Tribeca Belfast - Wireframing of 'A View for the Future' page

Wireframing of "A View for the Future" page.

Tribeca Belfast - Wireframing of 'What's going on? - Combined' page

Wireframing of "What's going on? - Combined" page.

Tribeca Belfast - High-Fidelity Screens Designed in Adobe XD Tribeca Belfast - High-Fidelity Screens Designed in Adobe XD

High-Fidelity Screens Designed in Adobe XD.


After sketching a series of wireframes, I then developed the best options into a digital format. As Tribeca’s platform already had a well-established design system, I needed my designs to reflect this by using components from the design library whilst focusing on a multi-device platform due to Tribeca’s wide range of audience.

Following this, I was left with two potential directions in which the content could be displayed: as a continuous page or split into multiple pages based on area and focus. Having consulted with Tribeca’s team and considered their audience, I opted for the continuous format. This was more efficient and clearly showcased how each element of the proposal impacted one another without switching from page to page.

To highlight Belfast’s culture and heritage I also included existing and purposed images of the areas within. This showed a clear transition within each area, allowing residents to see their associated connection as well as how they can envision a rejuvenated future. This was also aided through a visual timeline of Belfast’s history, showing the city’s constant evolvement and industrial heritage.

Walking tours were another feature that Tribeca included within the launch of their new proposal. Individuals could get a guided tour of Belfast viewing all areas of the purposed plan. I then included this within a separate page dedicated to the exhibition and walking tours. Individuals could then book their slot in a tour through Tribeca’s booking system which was managed and maintained by myself.

View Tribeca Belfast's online proposal - Here.

Tribeca Belfast - Mobile View
Tribeca Belfast - Video Section Tribeca Belfast - Video Section
Tribeca Belfast - North Street Vision
Tribeca Belfast - Job Generation

Results & Feedback

To measure the success of Tribeca’s improved proposals, an online survey needed to be generated. This allowed individuals to have their say on the new changes and future of Belfast. I integrated the survey within Tribeca’s platform enabling individuals to express their thoughts in a stress-free format.

Tribeca’s new online format of their plans was extremely welcomed. Individual gained a clear understanding of the plan’s details and how Tribeca's team have considered Belfast’s culture, heritage and residents. This reflected in the survey results which can be seen below. Tribeca gained an overall positive response to their improved plans, resulting in a huge boost for planning approval.

Tribeca Belfast - What are we Keeping

Strongly Support Tribeca’s Proposals to Revitalize Belfast's City Centre


Agreed that the Proposed Amendments were an Improvement Compared to the Previous Scheme

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